Counselling or Therapy

What makes for a successful therapy process?

Clients considering therapy often have questions about the therapy process and whether or not it can be effective for them. The following are the main elements which, according to both research and practice, have been shown to yield the most successful therapy results:

  • The therapist is highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable
  • The therapist is well-prepared for sessions and is fully present in them
  • The therapist is able to be warm, empathic and genuine
  • The client and therapist are able to develop a strong working relationship
  • There is a good fit between the client and the therapist
  • The client trusts the therapist and feels safe in therapy
  • The client is open and truthful with the therapist
  • The client is highly motivated to work hard toward desired changes (e.g., comes to sessions regularly, does their homework)