Dr. Regev’s 7 Golden Rules For Surviving Family Holiday Stress

27 Oct Dr. Regev’s 7 Golden Rules For Surviving Family Holiday Stress

VANCOUVER, BC – (October 27, 2009)  Going home for the holidays can be a wonderful and exciting experience but may also be very stressful. Many people look forward to family reunions during the holidays with mixed feelings.

To ensure your family holiday gatherings don’t turn into a scene from “The Family Stone” psychologist and family therapist, Dr. Michal Regev, has created her 7 Golden Rules for enjoying and surviving the holidays.

There are many reasons why the holidays can be a source of stress to some people.” says Dr. Regev. “Family dynamics, high expectations and long stays away from your own comfort zone are some of those contributing factors.

Overdoing it on the eggnog also proves to be a common reason why emotions can get out of hand during this festive season. Dr. Regev encourages families to discuss limtation on drinking to get alcohol consumption under control.

Another important piece of advice that Dr. Regev offers is to remember to put the experience in perspective. “Review your expectations and make sure they are as realistic as possible.

Battling holiday stress by changing expectations and behavior can make a big difference. Organizing activities, especially if they are out of the house, will give family members some space from the confinements of the home. And reminding yourself that everyone will soon be returning to their normal place and routine will helps settle your frustrations as well.

With family gatherings looming on your calendar, Dr. Regev’s 7 Golden Rules offers the tools to help put on a happy face and smile your way through to New Year’s.

Please see the attached document for a complete version of Dr. Regev’s 7 Golden Rules for enjoying and surviving the holidays.


Dr. Michal Regev is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Marriage/Family Therapist, offering counselling to individuals, couples and families since 1990. She specializes in couples relationships, depression, anxiety and/or panic, challenging life transitions (including becoming parents), parenting issues, infertility, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress management, loss and grief. Her practice is based in Vancouver, BC.  www.drregev.com