Today’s Parent Magazine “Baby proof your marriage”

20 Mar Today’s Parent Magazine “Baby proof your marriage”

How Babies Change Your Relationship

A new baby can toss your relationship into uncharted territory. Here’s how to stay the course — and come out strongerLisa Bendall.

Make no mistake, first-time parenthood is a thrill. But even a wondrous miracle can shake up your world, and that includes the kingdom of couplehood. Like many other brand new parents, Darlene Tandon of Vancouver was taken aback by how the arrival of baby son Ravi affected her relationship with her husband, Amit. “I was surprised,” she admits. “People had warned me, but it’s not until you’re actually in the situation that you realize the complete impact. We always had regular date nights and time to catch up. Now, all of a sudden, everything was about the baby.”

Caring for a baby is exhausting, new household expenses are constantly cropping up, and together time is almost impossible to come by. All of this can introduce unforeseen problems. But the Tandons found solutions that cemented their marriage, instead of splintering it. And you can, too. Read on for strategies about coping with some of the most common post-baby bumps in your relationship.