What is your New Year Resolution?

02 Jan What is your New Year Resolution?

It’s the first day of 2016. Have you decided on your New Year Resolution yet?

Is it to eat more healthfully? Exercise more? Drink less? Lose weight? Work on your budget? Become more organized or call your elderly parents or grandparents more often?

These and other resolutions may be very worthy indeed but, have you ever thought about the reason why most people abandon their New Year Resolutions before the end of January or in the middle of February at the latest?

Have you ever thought about the fact that these resolutions focus on the things we’re doing wrong? The things we fail to do? Have you ever stopped to think about the way we talk to ourselves when we make those resolutions? Does it sound like we self-deprecate or self- bash? Does it sound like we disregard our selves, our souls and our core as human beings?

If you’ve ever wondered why these New Year Resolutions don’t last, maybe it’s because we’re missing the mark. Maybe it’s because we’re missing our selves. Maybe it’s because our souls reject the way we treat them…

So let me suggest an altogether different kind of New Year Resolution. Let me suggest a resolution to be more self- compassionate; to nurture our selves, be kind to ourselves, respect our souls and be more self- forgiving. Because maybe we have neglected our selves for too long and it’s high time we tend to them. So, on the first day of this year, 2016, we may want to include ourselves in the fabric of our own lives and make ourselves happy.

With warm wishes for a year of self- kindness, nurturance and compassion, Michal