How am I different?

  • Client empowerment through collaboration
    In my practice, I offer respectful and compassionate care and a comfortable and safe place to explore your private and most personal matters. My approach is interactive, collaborative and transparent. I carefully listen to your concerns and then work in genuine partnership with you by setting specific and tangible therapy goals, identifying suitable treatment options and guiding you in ongoing self-evaluation. I openly discuss with you my perspective on the issues at hand and answer your questions to the best of my ability. I collaborate with other health-care providers, such as your family doctor, previous therapist and alternative medicine professionals, whenever such collaboration may enhance your progress and always with your explicit consent.
  • Breadth of experience and dual designation benefits
    As both a registered psychologist and registered marriage and family therapist, I have an in-depth understanding of both individual processes and relational ones; I am aware of the reciprocal impact of individual and family on each other and tailor my interventions accordingly. As well, clients who are seeking couple counselling and have extended medical coverage for registered psychologists only, can benefit from my dual designation.Throughout my years of practice, I have worked in different settings with a variety of clients and client problems. My extensive work experience greatly enhances the quality of the care I provide. Furthermore, by continuously upgrading my professional knowledge and skills and staying current in effective types of therapy and by adhering firmly to the ethical standards as regulated by the College of Psychologists of BC, I deliver the highest professional care.
  • Access through supplementary education and referral network
    In addition to my private practice, I offer periodic educational workshops and seminars to enhance awareness on select, common life challenges, providing people in the community with the access to helpful information and practical tools on how to tackle such hurdles. These workshops are designed to provide easy access to vital information for people who are dealing with normative life challenges while having busy lives. These workshops are open to all.