Candian Living February 2010

21 Mar Candian Living February 2010

10 quick and easy ways to perk up your relationship

Here are 10 quick tips to get your relationship back on track.
By Yuki Hayashi

Even the best relationships can grow stale. If you and your mate have fallen into a rut, don’t fret – help is on its way. We spoke to Dr. Michal Regev, a Vancouver-based psychologist and marriage therapist, to get her top 10 tips for perking up your relationship.

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1. Prioritize your relationship
List the top three priorities in your life. If your relationship isn’t on the list, you need to scratch something else off and put it on there – before it’s too late. “Research shows neglecting your relationship may lead to dissatisfaction, alienation and even separation,” says Dr. Regev.

Don’t use being busy as an excuse to let your love life languish. Do what it takes – turn off the TV, hire a sitter, leave work at a reasonable hour – to spend time with your partner. More..