Partners to Parents: The Transition to New Parenthood

21 Jun Partners to Parents: The Transition to New Parenthood

A Workshop for Vancouver Couples Expecting Their First Baby

Vancouver, BC (July 5, 2010) – Having a baby for the first time is life changing; roles, routines, relationships, life priorities are never going to be the same. Many couples find that the transition to parenthood is more demanding than they expected and that their relationship as a couple is challenged in ways they could not have predicted.

Created by Dr. Michal Regev, a Vancouver-based registered psychologist and marriage and family counselor, the Partners to Parents Workshop aims to arm couples expecting their first baby with the tools to help ease the transition into new parenthood.

In this workshop for expecting couples, the following topics will be discussed:
* Mutual post-birth expectations
* Unhelpful communication patterns and how to change them
* Common challenges in the postpartum period and how to deal with them
* Tips will be shared on how to sail smoothly through the sometimes turbulent waters of the transition to parenthood.
* Information on postpartum resources will be shared.

Offered in a small group setting, the workshop is a comfortable place for couples to share their expectations, fears and excitement on becoming new parents.

“Many couples say that their baby brought them a sense of family and strengthened their commitment to each other. But the transition to parenthood can pose some challenges and hardships as well, especially in the first few weeks and months after the birth.” Dr. Regev says. “The focus of this workshop is to address these issues early on and learn effective ways to deal with them.”

Partners to Parents Workshop (Vancouver)
Saturday, July 24th @ 10:30am – 1:30pm
Sacred Space, 3574 West 4th Ave (between Dunbar and Collingwood)
$175 per couple (including taxes)

Who should attend: Couples expecting their first child in 2010 – the presence of both partners is highly encouraged.

To Register: 
via email:

via phone: 604-261-7209 press 1 to leave a message for Dr. Regev, including your name and contact information.