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Couples Therapy and Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a serious , debilitating disorder , with onset at the most inopportune time; within the first year following the birth of a baby. Not that there ever is a good time to have depression. But when someone has just had a baby, everyone's expectation is that they would feel joy and fulfillment, rather than deep sadness and hopelessness.  As well, the energy and dedication that a baby requires are enormous; two things that mothers who are struggling with depression are likely to be very low on.
Not tonight Honey: Why a sexless marriage puts your relationship at risk and what you can do about it
I recently watched “the Lunchbox;” A bitter-sweet East Indian movie about romantic and family relationships taking place in an underprivileged neighborhood in Mumbai. It becomes clear, pretty early in the movie that Ila, a rather bored house-maker, and her husband, Rajeev, have been drifting apart for some time. Ila tries her best to draw her husband to her. She even suggests that their daughter might like to have a little sibling. But Rajeev seems disinterested. Soon after, Ila smells the perfume of another woman on her husband’s shirts. The sexless marriage ends up dissolving.