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7 non-medication ways to get your life back

Is it possible to recover from depression? 7 scientifically researched non-medication ways to get your life back. It is hard to have hope when you’re depressed or, as the saying goes; it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is depression....

Are you at risk for another episode of Postpartum Depression?
Elly was completely shocked when she developed Postpartum Depression following the birth of her first baby. Her pregnancy was planned and uneventful and labor and birth were natural and without complications. But a few weeks after the birth, with ongoing sleep deprivation, a colicky baby and lack of help and support, Elly started feeling down, unmotivated, anxious and hopeless. When one evening she burst into tears and told her husband Peter that she couldn't cope anymore, he urged her to see a therapist.
How to beat the winter blues
Fall can be beautiful. But it means that shorter days and longer evenings are upon us. And, every year, when daylight saving time ends, we have even one less hour of sunlight in the afternoon and darkness falls quite early. The long, cold and often wet evenings may affect some people's mood. Some people start to feel down as early as in the second half of August, when the days start to get noticeably shorter. The reason is the decreasing number of sunlight hours per day. So as fall rolls in, and the clock is turned back, you, or someone you know, may feel more and more depressed. People who experience a depressive episode this time of year may have what has been termed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Others, who don't have a fully blown depressive disorder may just feel down, low energy or have little motivation. The good news, however, is that whether or not you have SAD, you can take a few small steps that may help you get through the challenges of the season.
Does sleep deprivation play a role in postpartum depression?

Nobody goes without sleep like new mothers (and often, fathers) do! Between feeding, changing, burping, soothing, feeding yourself, etc., there's very little time for sleep. But how long can one go with little sleep and not be affected by it? The relationship between sleep deprivation...