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Dr. Michal Regev and Pacific Post Partum Support Society

I am pleased and honoured to take part in this evening talk for new dads. I have collaborated with the Pacific Postpartum Support Society for many years, which has been both my pleasure and privilege. If you are interested in attending the talk, please R.S.V.P....

Are you at risk for another episode of Postpartum Depression?
Elly was completely shocked when she developed Postpartum Depression following the birth of her first baby. Her pregnancy was planned and uneventful and labor and birth were natural and without complications. But a few weeks after the birth, with ongoing sleep deprivation, a colicky baby and lack of help and support, Elly started feeling down, unmotivated, anxious and hopeless. When one evening she burst into tears and told her husband Peter that she couldn't cope anymore, he urged her to see a therapist.
Couples Therapy and Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a serious , debilitating disorder , with onset at the most inopportune time; within the first year following the birth of a baby. Not that there ever is a good time to have depression. But when someone has just had a baby, everyone's expectation is that they would feel joy and fulfillment, rather than deep sadness and hopelessness.  As well, the energy and dedication that a baby requires are enormous; two things that mothers who are struggling with depression are likely to be very low on.
Why it is important to keep an open mind about your birth plan

Pregnant women in Canada have been encouraged to make a birth plan for over two decades. In her birth plan a woman is supposed to state her wants, wishes and preferences regarding any interventions during labour and birth. Many women choose to make a plan that is natural...